Thursday, July 14, 2011


* Ha, ha, ha, ha ... I love happy endings that involve morons getting their clocks cleaned. Via Digg, check this out.

* I've been saying this about taxes and our deficits for some time now. But it's nice to get updated (or is that corrected?) tax revenue figures.

* Speaking of the "Update-Mistake" department, this is a big one. It turns out that tax expert David Cay Johnston fell into a tax accounting spider hole, and used what he thought he found in an article. At least he explains what happened. You'll understand too once you read the "Checking the Records" section of his mea culpa. (And Kudos to Johnston for, once again, helping us understand why the U.S. doesn't always collect the taxes it is owed.)

* Eric Cantor's account of President Obama "walking out" of budget negotiations - after Cantor actually did so last month - is in line with his claim that his offices had been fired at when, in fact, it was random gunfire. Then, as now, Cantor's trying to personalize and use headline news to score cheap political points. What a drama queen.

- Mark

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