Saturday, July 16, 2011


The republican party persists in pushing the notion that the budget mess is all Obama's fault, and are poised to push America over a financial cliff to make their delusional points. If you want to see in graphic form how President Bush and the GOP recklessly blew through $5.6 trillion in projected budget surpluses, and then gave us our current budget mess, check this out ...

Also, if you want a little "10th anniversary" light reading on the impact of Bush's budget-busting tax cuts, click here.

No wonder the rest of the world thinks the GOP is made up of "dangerous maniacs." The world sees something many Americans don't seem to understand: Republicans are crazy stupid when it comes to tax cuts and the budget (seriously, who introduces a budget with no numbers and then passes a resolution that says if the Senate doesn’t pass a House spending bill, the House spending bill becomes the Law of the Land?).

The rest of the world now thinks the GOP is made up of nut jobs. Via Digg, read all about it here.

- Mark

P.S. In the spirit of the craziness, time for some Patsy Cline ...

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