Wednesday, July 20, 2011


* If you want to connect the dots between the News Corps scandal in the UK and the dangerous lies and disinformation from Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, check out this piece.  

* My God, when it comes to understanding science and the weather (and pretty much anything else for that matter) Rush Limbaugh's an idiot ...

* Speaking of the weather, the state of Texas prayed for rain in April. Unfortunately, there's little to show for Texas' state sanctioned 3 day pray-a-thon. Has God forsaken Texas? Think about it. With Texas state agencies battling record wildfires and heat, the severity of the Texas drought makes it look like God might actually hate Texas more than he hates gays ...

Perhaps the rain maker, President Obama, needs to make a few more stops in Texas, like he did in May ; -)

- Mark

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