Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In December I wrote how the republicans want to absolve Wall Street and their congressional brethren's reckless deregulation policies from blame for the 2007-2008 market collapse. One of the tactics for doing so is to place blame on "the government" while deliberately failing to mention either "Wall Street" or "deregulation" in their reports on the market collapse.

In fact, I called their recently released report, which attempts to to exonerate Wall Street and deregulation, a joke. As a follow-up, I wrote an op-ed piece explaining what the GOP has done. It appeared in the Bakersfield Californian earlier today, which you can find here.


- Mark


Dennis Carr said...

"Republican Smoke & Mirrors Campaign"

You have the wrong party!

The Smoke and Mirrors is and shall always be part of Wasteington Debit Capital... It is not a gender item, it is what ALL Presidents and ALL of what Congress does to all of us.

If there is a problem, part of it is your fault, for only pointing in one direction...

It is not, Them or us! It is HIM,HIM,HIM,HIM,HIM,HIM,HIM,HIM, VERUS US!


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