Thursday, August 5, 2010


In a landmark decision yesterday, a Federal judge overturned Proposition 8, California's ballot initiative which banned same sex marriages.

I've been asking myself whether I should write about the constitutionality of the decision, the judges legal insights, or the political fall out sure to come. Rather than do any of this, I've decided to post what I think a couple of our Republican "family values" politicians are probably thinking (to themselves, of course).

Remember "Mr. Family Values" and part-time whore mongerer Senator David Vitter (R-LA)?

I'm sure he's probably thinking: "Thank God. Now homosexuals can get married and protect the sanctity of marriage the old fashion way ... by going out and buying a prostitue. Let them know what it's like to come home to a pissed off spouse after spending the rent money ..."

And for the record, here's a couple of sanctimonious quotes from Vitter (who still has his job) and his equally pious wife during President Clinton's Monica Lewinsky moment ...

Then we have conservative, and a very married, Senator Larry Craig (R-ID). If you recall, he likes doing the two-step in bathroom stalls. Specifically, he got caught looking for gay love in a Minnesota airport, and said it was all a big mistake, placing blame on his "wide stance."

Given that he was convicted for soliciting love, I have to imagine he's probably thinking: "Good, now all we have to do is make it legal to go looking for love in all the wrong places. I mean, why should it be illegal to propose in a bathroom stall? Time to work on my stance."

Here's a few more humorous takes on Senator Craig's two-step in Minnesota, and some of the "official" Republican responses to his lifestyle choices.

But I especially like this one ...

I could go on talking about the hypocrisy behind the Bible thumping family values crowd but I won't. Digging deeper into this only brings us to the "family values" hypocrisy of the movement, and forces us to look at the conservative politicians who like to point fingers and then thumb their noses at family values, like Newt Gingrich (R-GA), Mark Sanford (Governor, R-SC), John Ensign, (Senator, R-NV) and other serial cheaters.

Simply put, the Bible thumping family values crowd has a lot more on their plate than harping about gay marriage.

In fact, if they really cared about family values, they would start looking at proposed anti-immigration laws, and what they would do to families who have been here in the United States for decades. Once they jump on this bandwagon (instead of sweeping their messes under the rug), I'll begin to take them seriously.

- Mark

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RockyhopefulCPA said...

Lets not forget Ted Haggard. George Bush's "religious advisor". Ted now admits that " he bought meth but wasn't going to use it and that he is a heterosexual with homosexual tendencies". =D