Monday, May 24, 2010


From British Petroleum's initial efforts to downplay and hide the effects of the oil spill, to the efforts of Congress to posture over who's going to have the toughest sounding sound byte over making BP pay (with no clue about what to do), to the seeming inability of the Obama administration to challenge corporate America when they screw things up, what we're really looking at in the Gulf Coast region is simple ineptitude and buck-passing at it's finest. The fact that America's political and corporate elite are jockeying for King of the Spill position while the Gulf Coast region's marine life slowly dies off only makes matters worse.

While it's no laughing matter, this piece from The Three Stooges helps explain what's happening in the Gulf Coast. You'll understand once you see Curly's great find - a "water-let-'er-outer" - 5 minutes into the clip. Enjoy.

- Mark

P.S. For the record, Moe represents the federal government because he's trying to direct things, while deflecting the blame for doing nothing. For his part, Curly represents BP because he makes a mess of things, even after claiming to fix the boat. Finally, Larry represents Congress because he's doing what he can to look important, while doing nothing to make things better.

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