Wednesday, June 3, 2015

PREPARE FOR ANOTHER CAMPAIGN SEASON OF IGNORANCE IN AMERICA (with a hat tip to Rick Santorum for kicking it off)

During the 2008 presidential campaign then candidate Obama responded to less than informed Republican comments on the relationship between gas mileage and tire pressure. Obama responded, "It's like these guys take pride in being ignorant." 

Guess what? The pride parade continues.

While saying that he loves the Pope, GOP presidential hopeful - and devout Catholic - Rick Santorum said that he wanted Pope Francis to stop talking about climate change. Santorum explained that the Pope should "leave science to the scientists."

Here's the funny part. With a master's degree in chemistry Pope Francis is not only recognized as a scientist, but he's probably a little more informed about the role of religion in our world than Rick Santorum. 

But Santorum's comments really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's followed the man. He even made my "This Week's Village Idiot" category for saying that John F. Kennedy's thoughtful and historic speech on religion and politics made him want "to vomit." 

Here we also want to keep in mind that Santorum is the same guy who says he defends the dignity of every life while he supports torture, supports a "qualified" death penalty, opposes euthanasia for the terminally ill, and believes that over 100,000 civilians killed (as "collateral damage") in a reckless war of choice is justified. Seriously, where's the spiritual and philosophical symmetry between your claim to defend the sanctity of life and then turning a blind eye to torture, human suffering, and death? 

What Santorum's comments about the Pope suggest is that not only is he prone to making gaffes and commenting on things for which he has little understanding, but that we're in for another season of "greatest hits" when it comes to ignorance and reality in America. 

- Mark 

Kudos to John for the link.

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