Saturday, April 21, 2012


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- Mark


Sueraine Valderrama said...

How funny, but so true.

The value of text books when reselling it, majority of the time is not even worth half of what you paid by the time a semester/quarter is over. Sometimes I don't even bother reselling mine, or buying a new book unless I truly have to. Had to share this on FB, thanks Dr. Martinez!

R. M. said...

Students are better off reselling it to other students through the school classifieds. I wish CSUB would allow what BC allows. It's sitting out on the grass or table somewhere on campus with one's books for sale. Can you imagine turning Runner Park and Alumni Park into a book flea market/swap meet? That would be so great. If anything, the school should allow it for one week. Call it "Flea Week."