Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Check out this interview story, which Fox News decided not to air after the interviewee was told that he had an open mic to “put any message you want out there,” without manipulation ...

The story went viral after The New York Observer (not Fox News) gave the interview some media legs.

So after a news editor admitted "infiltrating" D.C. protests in order to undermine it, and GOP congressman Peter King (a Fox News darling) stated we can't allow more coverage of Occupy Wall Street, a narrative seems to be emerging. Unless it's a Tea Party protest - which defends tax cuts and reckless deregulation (i.e. more of the same) - the Right, and Fox News, want nothing to do with demonstrations on the street that question financial subsidies for corporate America and Wall Street's taxpayer subsidized gains.

One would presume that this is the rationale for the crowd chanting "Fox News Lies!" and forcing Geraldo Rivera to flee an Occupy Wall Street event.

- Mark

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