Thursday, May 5, 2011


What do you know? The Birthers actually did us a favor. They're going to help us understand why we can ignore the "let's-see-the-body" crowd.

After killing Osama Bin Laden President Obama made it clear that the world doesn't need to see Bin Laden's mutilated carcass hanging in front of us. There were plenty of people involved (go ahead, question the Navy Seals), enough evidence collected (which should worry al Qaeda operatives), and real time crow-eating (read, Pakistan) for those of us in the reality based world to know that Bin Laden is dead.

Carrier-speech grandstanding ...

... or reality TV-like displays of chest-thumping patriotism simply aren't necessary for this White House. This is where the Birthers are going to help us out.

Anyone who saw how Orly Taitz, Eric Bolling of Fox News, or how Donald Trump upped the ante after President Obama released his long form birth certificate learned one thing: The crazies and lunatic fringe will never be satisfied.

Because they continue to cling to their thinly veiled racist-Manchurian Candidate theories about President Obama, Americans are able to see with great clarity just how out of touch the Birthers are. They live in an entirely different world than you and me.

We don't need to waste our time indulging their fantasies.

Today, we have the "carnival barkers" calling on President Obama to release photos to prove that Osama Bin Laden is dead. But they forget one thing, which proves they're nuts: Even if President Obama authorized the release of Bin Laden's photos the conspiracy theorists and their media support staff (Fox News) would still criticize President Obama.

But this time they would criticize President Obama for putting on a show that rattles Islamic sensibilities ... for over sensationalized the issue ... for putting our troops in harms way ... for, well, you get the picture. These people aren't playing with a full deck.

The Birthers and their psychological shadows - who are now emerging because Bin Laden's photos haven't been released - are disturbed people who live in the dark corners of the human experience. They have to. The real world is too hard for them to figure out. They can't accept a black man as president the United State. So they work to create a world that delegitimizes him ... He can't be a citizen ... How did he get into Harvard? ... President Obama created the budget mess ... and on it goes.

Similarly, the partisan Obama-haters who think we need to see "proof" of Bin Laden's death are hoping to create doubts where none should be cast. It's part of the delegitimization process. It's their life-blood. For al Qaeda supporters, and professional conspiracy theorists, proof is required because who they are depends on sustaining invented myths and legends.

But proof of Bin Laden's death won't satisfy any of these groups. Nothing will. It only encourages them to create new theories that must be proven false, again. It's the process and the recognition that makes them feel important.

If most Americans didn't see this before the Birthers they can see it now. So, on behalf of those of us who live in the real world, thank you Birther Nation.

- Mark

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