Monday, August 16, 2010


Do you want to know what the political strategy for the Republican Party is this November? Check this out ...

That's about it. The GOP knows they can't run on their "let's-cut-taxes-and-deficits-will-disappear" record in November. The truth behind that lie has been exposed. Their record on two failed wars is nothing to write home about either.

And forget about bringing George W. Bush back to campaign for candidates. Even die-hard republicans know that he's an embarrassment. History will show his presidency to be a train wreck of epoch proportions ...

The goal of the republican party this November is to distract and trot out false threats that have little to do with what actually confronts our country. The goal is to encourage Americans to forget about the Bush years, and to remind Americans that they need to fear what the GOP fears ... which is pretty much their own shadow.

In this case their shadows are being followed by a spooky set of foreigners, led by Terrorist Babies, Undocument Workers, and non-existent mosques being constructed in lower Manhattan. Think about it. How many times over the past month have you been told to be afraid of this guy ...

And, of course, we know many terrorists (and their babies) crossed the border from Mexico 35 years ago in order to fly airplanes into buildings. You know, the guys that looked like this  ...

You would think that after years of being lied to by George W. Bush (are we still looking for those WMDs?), and being told to be afraid "or else", that Americans would be used to hearing about false enemies built on a pack of lies. Apparently not.

Instead, we're treated to the idiocy of Newt "I'm-Working-On-Wife#4" Gingrich, and assertions that building an Islamic community center (it's not a mosque) two blocks away from ground zero is akin to the nazis building a center close to a cherished Jewish site.

Apart from the fact that not all muslims are terrorists, we need to consider what it means that republicans and conservatives want to turn the proposed community center in Manhattan into a wedge issue. To be sure, people on the left like Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) have jumped on the "let's be afraid" bandwagon. But we need to remember that Harry Reid is in the middle of tough election, where the nut jobs (i.e. the Tea Baggers) are out in force. 

The reality is that the GOP wants you to forget how their failed policies gave us the Bush Debacalypse, which we see in two failed wars, a collapsed economy, and political incompetence of the highest order. This is why the GOP wants you to stare into the political equivalent of this ...

Go ahead and stare.

And then go ahead and focus on a non-existent Manhattan mosque that will surely house undocmented terrorist babies from Mexico. But stare into the optical illusions first. At least it will challenge your senses into considering the deceptive force of optics.

But beware. Following the GOP's lead on things like terrorist babies in non-existent mosques will only lead you down a crippling mind path sure to make you crazy stupid. Oh, look, a shiny spoon.

- Mark

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