Thursday, April 2, 2009


I was so busy yesterday with the first day of class and other duties that I didn't have time to post on the Republican's new budget proposal. Fortunately, the proposal was so pathetic (and quite appropriate for its April Fools release) that this graph from Bob Cesca pretty much captures it ...

Seriously, Rep. Paul Ryan used 2008 budget projections from Bush's budget disaster years and attached them on to President Obama's plan (for no apparent reason other than he could). Ryan's own staff confirmed that Ryan's projections could not "be a direct analysis of the president's budget proposal" because "Obama wasn't in office" during the time frame that they drew their budget numbers. Nice.

Ryan then laid out a fairy tale budget proposal that included more tax cuts for the people on Wall Street who got us into this mess.

Fortunately for the Republicans the G-20 meetings are stealing the media spotlight, while the press is starting to ignore their increasingly embarrassing sideshow.

- Mark

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