Saturday, January 17, 2015


Having worked for tips in my previous life, this story strikes a nerve ...

A Boston pizza delivery man was told to return to an auto dealership to return $7, which he thought was a tip because the staffers didn't ask for change on a $42 (plus change) tab. Upon returning the money the delivery man, who has a newborn and works two jobs, was harassed by the staff. The exchange was caught on video, went viral, and caused quite a stir.

Here's a clip of the pizza man returning the money, and the exchange he had with the staff. FYI, at the end one of the video one worker threatens to "put my foot in your ass" as another threatens to get the delivery man fired ...

The dealership felt the immediate wrath of the internet, with scathing Yelp comments and lowly 1 star reviews.

On a lighter side, capitalizing on the moment the competition's new commercial makes it clear they have an entirely different approach to people, and the pizza delivery man.

And always remember, tip the wait and service staff.

- Mark 

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  1. My old mentality was, "Why should I tip them for something they are paid to do? I don't get tipped for my job?"

    Then a few years ago I found out through state law, restaurants have a lower minimum wage for their staff. I never knew. Now I feel bad and make sure I always leave a tip.